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A New Starting Point, and A New Journey

Since its enrollment in Rongchang, Rongchang (Zibo) always adheres to the profound and distinct corporate culture, advocates the corporate spirit of “keeping pace with the times and making efforts to make great achievements”. The company is ready to take the favorable opportunities for new development based on the new starting point.

For Rongchang, human life is the most important and valuable. We take it as our sacred mission to serve for human health, develop advanced drugs with reliable efficacy for serious and common diseases to relieve the pain of patients, improve the quality of their lives and extend their healthy lifespanwith the power of science. With strong sense of mission and creativity, we aim to become the best pharmaceutical company in China.

Like the big bird roc flying in the broad sky, Rongchang will wave the golden wings in the vast world and establish as a famous brand in the eternal time and space.