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Company Profile

Rongchang Pharmaceuticals (Zibo), Ltd. was formerly known as Shandong Zibo People’s Pharmaceutical Factory which was established in 1969. In 2010, the company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rongchang Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. The company is mainly specialized in the production and sales of tablets, granules, hard capsules, syrups, liniments, suppositories, mixtures, pills and lotions; and has successively developed many national level traditional Chinese medicines of protected category such as Anti-psoriasis Granule, Brain and Kidney Tonifying Pill, Joint Pain Smoothie Tablets, Brain Booster Liquid, Wild Chrysanthemum Suppository and multiple drugs of unique recipes. The independently development of national Class 3 new drug Pediatric Anti Asthma Oral Liquid has filled the gap in domestic market and gained National Invention Patent certificate. At present, the company has developed 64 products of 9 dosage forms, including the heat clearing and detoxification series, anti-dermatosis series and anti-rheumatic series.

From 2011 to 2014 after the reorganization, the company has realized successive growth in the operating revenue, sales, outsourcing income, profits and taxes and created more than 10% of growth rate yearly.

The company’s rapid developmental growth has gained the recognition of government organizations and all sectors of the society. The self-developed traditional Chinese medicine and the production method for clearing heat and expectoration has been awarded with Excellent Prize of Chinese Patent; the testing method for traditional Chinese medicine Compound Folium Isatidis Mixture has won the second prize of Zibo Patent; the Compound Schizonepeta-steam Lotion has won another second prize of technology invention issued by Zibo Hi-Tech Zone and the second prize of Science and Technology issued by Shandong Pharmaceutical Association. In September 2014, the company passed the certification of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard and became the first enterprise that passed the certification in Zibo City and was also granted the title of Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property Rights of Shandong Province. Meanwhile, the company has made great achievements in the corporate culture and has been awarded as National Advanced Enterprise in Corporate Culture Construction by China Cultural Management Association for three successive years since 2013. Chairman and General Manager of the company Wang Liqiang has been awarded as National Lead Figure for Corporate Culture Construction and Top 100 Innovative Entrepreneur in China.

Looking into the future, the company will mainly focus on the R&D of drugs for the immune system, respiratory system and digestive system, conducting independent research on the medicinal materials and promoting the wide application of modern traditional Chinese medicine technology and refining technology such as finger-print spectrum and membrane separation. Meanwhile, the company will further improve its production capacity and establish as Rongchang’s production center. The company will take the mission to enhance the quality of life with science, and make efforts to fulfill the aim of becoming the best pharmaceutical company in China.